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RASBJ online talks are recorded and then uploaded to a private part of Youtube. A unique benefit of RASBJ membership is free and on-demand access to all the recordings. (Some events are not recorded, or are not recorded in full, due to technical conditions, especially during walking tours, multi-day excursions and other activities.) To access recordings, simply click "REGISTER" and follow the instructions. Upon successful registration, you'll receive a Registration Confirmation email. Click the "CLICK TO JOIN EVENT" link in the email to access the videos. When you view a recording, use the method you normally use to access Youtube.

The following is an updated list of recordings related to RASBJ events

1) Jeremiah Jenne on "Jung Chang's book "Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister"

2) James Nobles on "the Year of the Metal Rat"

3) Paul French's talk on "Murders of Old China"

4) Lars Ulrik Thom on "The Boxer Rebellion and Xenophobia"

5) Jen Lin-Liu on "how restaurants in China and around the world are adapting to a new reality"

6) Ian Lahiffe on "COVID-19's impact on Chinese agricultural imports, farms, and food"

7) Lukas Gajdos on "Ernst Ludwig in China"

8) Richard de Grijs on "17th-century medical innovations"

9) Tario Perez Vila on "Soft Power and Economic Interdependence: UK-China Relations since 1997"

10) Jörg Wuttke on "EU-China relations"

11) Robert Bickers on "Swire's history"

12) Matthew Hu on the "Western Hills"

13) Isaac Duffy on "The Pagoda Project"

14) Prof. Ezra Vogel on "China-Japan relations", June 10, 2020, https://youtu.be/7E9GqDovKBw (publicly available)

15) Guiseppe Cuccia on "Puccini's Turandot and 20th century Orientalism", June 17, 2020

16) Dr. Michael Humphries on "Contagion and China", June 24, 2020

17) Terry Townshend on "Re-Wilding China", July 1, 2020

18) Dexter "Tiff" Roberts on "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism", July 8, 2020

19) Alfreda Murck on "Digital Secrets of a Legendary Chinese Painting", July 15, 2020

20) Frances Wood on "Mahjong in Maida Vale: the Chinese intellectual community in UK, 1930s and 1940s" on July 22, 2020

21) Prof. Hans van de Ven on "Robert Hart and Globalization: the Chinese Maritime Customs Service" July 29, 2020

22) Prof. Arne Westad on "The Great 1970's Transformation: China's Road from Revolution to Reform" Aug. 5, 2020

23) Prof. Jing Tsu on "Chinese Science Fiction: Culture, Science and Technology in Modern China" Aug. 12, 2020

24) Director Bill Einreinhofer on his WWII documentary film "Shanghai 1937" Aug. 19, 2020

25) Jim Nobles on the "Hungry Ghost Festival: A Chinese Day of the Dead", Aug. 26, 2020

26) Prof. Rana Mitter on "China's Good War: How WWII Memories are Shaping a New Nationalism", Sept. 2, 2020

27) WildChina founder Mei Zhang on post-COVID China tourism, Sept. 9, 2020

28) Former U.S. broadcaster Jim Laurie on "Southeast Asian Wars through Chinawatchers' Eyes", Sept. 16, 2020

29) Prof. Joanna Waley-Cohen on "Qing Rulers and their Celebrity Chefs", Sept. 23, 2020

30) Michael Aldrich on "Ulaanbaatar: A Tale of Three Cities", Oct. 14, 2020

31) Amb. Nicolas Chapuis on "Poet Du Fu, views of 'barbarians, and their impact on the Chinese psyche", Oct. 21, 2020

32) Prof. Dwight Perkins on" Dual Circulation Demystified: China's Development Challenges" moderated by Arthur Kroeber Oct. 28, 2020

33) Adam Ensign on "Exploring the Imperial Estate: a Translator's View of the Palace Museum" Nov. 4, 2020

34) Brendan Connal on "Urban Exploration in China", Nov 11, 2020

35) China's Poverty Reduction: What Comes Next? Wednesday, November 25, 2020

36) "Walking in Rings: Drawing Beijing" by Gareth Fuller Dec. 10.

37) Steve Brusatte on "Learning from the Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs", May 12, 2021.

38) Jeremiah Jenne on "BLEEDING HEARTS: The Tianjin Massacre of 1870", January 13, 2021

39) "Prof Peter Clift on "The Monsoon – past, present, and future" Jan.20, 2021

40) "Celebrating the 600th Anniversary of the Forbidden City" a talk dinner with Matthew Hu, founder of The Courtyard Institute

41) Paul French discussing "Destination Peking"

42) German legal expert Dr. Marco Haase on "Chinese Law and Western Influence" Apr 22, 2021

43) "Remembering Ezra Vogel" a tribute organized by the National Committee on US-China Relations, to which RASBJ was invited. February. 11, 2021

44) BASF in China: the First 130 Years of an Iconic Brand. March 24, 2021

45) Arthur Jones and Steven Schwankert on "Titanic's Unknown Chinese Passengers", April 7, 2021

46) Scott Kronick on "Pandemic Polemic". April 21, 2021

47) Prof. Valerie Hansen on "Stories of the Silk Routes". April 28, 2021

48) Ines von Racknitz on "In Search of Modernity: Chinese Visiting Europe 1870-1940", Mar. 17, 2021

49) Kathrin von Rechenberg on "China's traditional 'tea silk' fabric", Dec. 16, 2020

50) Prof Abulafia on "Silk Roads of the Sea", May 19, 2021

51) Dr. Susan Daruvala on "The Imagery of Women Writers Eileen Chang and Stella Benson", 2 June 2021

52) Mark Bertram on "Room for Diplomacy, Then and Now" July 20, 2021

53) Dr. Geoff Raby on "Fearless Forecasts: Australia-China Ties" July 17, 2021

54) Timothy Cheek, Klaus Muehlhahn and Hans van de Ven, on "Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives" June 16, 2021

55) Jeremiah Jenne on "When Ming Became Qing", May 26, 2021

56) Angus Forsyth on "Jade Camel Ships of the Silk Road", a more detailed version of his March 3, 2021 presentation

57) Freya Aitken-Turff on "Heritage and 'Chineseness' in London's Chinatown", Aug 4, 2021

58) Amy Sommers on "How History Inspires Fiction: 'Rumours from Shanghai'", Aug. 11, 2021

59) James Halcrow on "Imperialism & Internationalism: Xiamen, Treaty Port Case Study", Sep 1, 2021

60) Author Qiu Xiaolong on "Becoming Inspector Chen", in conversation with Jeremiah Jenne, Sept. 18, 2021

61) Linus Mayerhofer on "The Legacy of John Rabe and the Nanking Safety Zone 1937-8", Sept. 22, 2021

62) Sarcophagus stories: a Central Asian diplomat in sixth-century China", an RASBJ talk by Yin Cao Sept. 29, 2021

63) Historian Kerry Brown on "China Through European Eyes" in conversation with Jeremiah Jenne for RASBJ, Oct. 13, 2021

64) Author William Atkins on "Desert Pilgrims" moderated by Rianka Mohan for RASBJ, Oct. 20, 2021

65) Simon Cockerell of Koryotours on "How do we know what we know about North Korea?", in conversation with Melinda Liu, for RASBJ, Oct. 27, 2021

66) Angus Forsyth on "Celestial Beings and Bird-Men: Flight in Chinese Jade", Nov 10, 2021

67) Historian Arne Westad on "James Earl of Elgin: An Imperial Life" in conversation with Jeremiah Jenne, an RASBJ online talk Nov. 17, 2021

68) James Carter on "Champions Day in Shanghai and Ends of Eras", an RASBJ online talk Nov. 24, 2021.

69) Dec. 1, 2021: "Guanxi: its roots and impact on doing business in China today" by Isaac Stone Fish

70) Dec. 8, 2021: "Legacy, WWII allies and the Battle of Hong Kong", a panel discussion featuring Bill Lake and David Kerr

71) Dec.11, 2021 RASBJ Winter gathering and William Lindesay talk on Great Wall Explorer William Geil

72) Dec. 19, 2021 "May Fourth and all that Jazz: How the 20's Roared in China", an RASBJ in-person event with the Ah-Q Arkestra

73) Jan. 5, 2022: "China, Cambodia and the BRI" by Mary Kay Magistad

74) Feb. 16, 2022: "Emperor Qinshihuang's Bronze Birds" by Prof Jianjun Mei, Needham Institute

75) Feb. 26, 2022: an online presentation of the artist book "Oriental Silk" featuring Xiaowen Zhu, Nicky Harman and Kenneth Wong

76) Mar. 2, 2022: "Harbin: a cross-cultural biography" by Prof. Mark Gamsa in conversation with Lukas Gajdos

77) Mar. 23, 2022: Travel writer Colin Thubron on his book "The Amur River", an RASBJ presentation

78) Feb. 23, 2022: Kendra Schaefer on "DATA: the fifth-factor problem"

79) "Isabel Crook: Childhood memories of Bailuding", a film by director Fu Han 伊沙白 定稿 英文解说版 英文字幕

80) Apr. 6, 2022: Dr. Peter Brinsden on "Assisted Reproduction: History, Ethics and Controversies"

81) Apr. 14, 2022: RASBJ online talk about educator "Isabel Crook", 106, with filmmaker Fu Han & Crook family members https://youtu.be/iUKF-WvUgVI (publicly available)

82) Apr. 20, 2022: RASBJ online talk by Henrietta Harrison on "The Perils of Interpreting"

83) May 12, 2022: RASBJ online talk by Jaime FlorCruz on his upcoming memoir "The Class of 77"

84) Mar. 12, 2022: "Fusion in art: the inkbrush aesthetic re-created through a camera lens," by artist Michael Cherney

85) May 12, 2022: "Kingdom of characters", an RASBJ book talk featuring Yale professor Jing Tsu, in conversation with David Moser

86) May 26, 2022 "The best Beijing museums you've never heard of" by Koryotours' Simon Cockerell

87) Jun. 8, 2022: "The Life and Travels of Isabella Bird: the Fearless Victorian Adventuress" by Jacki Hill-Murphy, moderated by Sarah Keenlyside

88) Jun. 29, 2022: "Kaifeng in the Northern Song dynasty: understanding China's environment through the lens of history," by Dr. Juan Chen, moderated by Forest Yang

89) Jul. 13, 2022: Author Gish Jen on her new book "Thank you, Mr. Nixon", an RASBJ online talk.

90) Aug. 10, 2022: Media personality Hung Huang (partial recording); in-person RASBJ talk and dinner.

91) Aug. 17, 2022: Author Richard McGregor on "Chinese diplomacy: Rising stars, wolf warriors and the 2022 party congress"

92) Aug. 31, 2022: Historian Dominic Lieven about China's emperors, drawn from his book "In the shadow of the gods"

93) Sept. 7, 2022: Author Adam Brookes about his book "Fragile Cargo", in conversation with Paul French: https://youtu.be/5R2MU2V9ViI(publicly available)

94) Sept. 14, 2022: "Dunhuang: a fresh view through the lens of James and Lucy Lo", a talk by Dr. Dora Ching moderated by Dr. Neil Schmid

95) Oct. 19, 2022: "China Sports: the games nations play" featuring Mark Dreyer in conversation with Jeremiah Jenne,

96) Oct 26, 2022: Author Andrew Jampoler on "America's Secret First Pivot Toward Asia 1832-1837

97) Nov. 2, 2022: Seamus O'Brien and Robin Lane-Fox on "The Planthunters of China: a Golden Age of Discovery and Conservation"

98) Nov. 16, 2022: Prof. Sunil Amrith on "Asian environmental perspectives", moderated by Jonathan Watts: https://youtu.be/ZqteoUJMNYU (publicly available)

99) Nov. 23, 2022: Nick Kitto on his book "Trading Places, A Photographic Journey Through China's Former Treaty Ports" moderated by Lukas Gajdos.

100) Dec. 1, 2022: Author James M. Scott on "Black Snow: Curtis LeMay, the Firebombing of Tokyo and the Road to the Atomic Bomb"

101) Dec. 21, 2022: Author Clive Harvey on "Yang's War: A Forgotten Chinese Hero of World War One"

102) Feb. 14-Mar 1, 2023: An introduction to the RAS Bicentenary tour of Col. James Tod's Rajasthan, organized by the RAS UK: https://youtu.be/KKpZ4oeY2b8 (publicly available)

103) Jan. 4, 2023: Danny Whitehead on "Soft Power: the role of cultural engagement as China re-opens to the outside world"

104) Jan. 18, 2023: Art historian Alfreda Murck on "Pearls and Fisheyes: New Takes on Fakes" an RASBJ event.

105) Mar 15, 2023: Author Paul French talks with Dr. Jeremiah Jenne about "Rediscovering Travel Writing": https://youtu.be/TYGUH82SVsg (publicly available)

106) Mar. 11, 2023: Author James Zimmerman discusses his new book "Peking Express" with RASBJ members

107) Mar. 23, 2023:"China and Russia: A Story in Ten Turning Points" by author Philip Snow about his new book: https://youtu.be/v4GCvv-m1hA (publicly available)

108) RASBJ's AGM marking its first decade: An Eventful Anniversary (event posters from 2020-2023)

109) April 26, 2023: "Eternal Feast: Banqueting and Rituals in the Liao, Song and Yuan Dynasties" an RASBJ conversation between Zoe Kwok and Joanna Waley-Cohen

110) May 10, 2023: "Beijing's Underground Music Scene 1997-2019: 'Open All the Buddha Boxes' by comic book artist Krish Raghav for RASBJ: https://youtu.be/Mx1Oe6qvcn8 (publicly available)

111) May 17, 2023: "Architecture and Identity: Were Baita Pagoda and the Dengfeng Observatory built by Mongols or Chinese?" by Dr. Nancy Steinhardt and Hu Xinyu

112) May 24, 2023: "Back to the Countryside: Urban Youth in Rural China over the past Century", an RASBJ conversation between Dr. Linda Qian and the moderator, Prof. Yuezhi Zhao of Tsinghua University

113) May 31, 2023: Author Vaudine England introduces her new book "Fortune's Bazaar: the Making of Hong Kong"

114) June 28, 2023: Mike Chinoy discusses his new book "Assigment China" with Melinda Liu

115) Aug. 31, 2023: Frances Wood on "Love, Libel, Literature and Loss: the tribulations of 20th C literati Chen Yuan and Ling Shuhua"

116) Sept. 13, 2023: Author Scott Forbes Crawford on his book "Silk Road Centurion"

117) Sept. 6, 2023: Richard De Grijs on "Capt Cook and Health at Sea"

118) May 8, 2021: Short excerpt from Dr. Eileen Vickery's commentary at Beijing's Lao She museum

119) July 16, 2023: "China: Frame by Frame", director Bill Einreinhofer discusses his latest documentary with RASBJ

120) Nov. 1, 2023: "Shanghai Demimondaine": Author Nick Hordern discusses his book with Paul French, a RASBJ event: https://youtu.be/APFpubrzgzk (publicly available)


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