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WHAT: Fusion in Art---Exhibition and explication of his art, by Michael Cherney

WHEN: March 12, 2022, Saturday 4:30-6.00 PM Beijing Standard Time. Doors open at 4.00PM . The presentation starts at 4:30 and will be followed by Q&A as well as an art viewing.

WHERE: BB Art Cafe & Gallery, The New Mall, M01-03, at Xidan Cultural Square, no. 180 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. The address in Chinese:北京市西城区西单北大街180号 西单更新场M01-02 芭莎艺术下午茶 (更新场店)


Telephone contact: Sun Xingang 135 8154 7743

By subway: get off at Xidan station and take exit B North to The New Mall.

MORE ABOUT THE EVENT: Michael Cherney will demonstrate through his art how he fuses the traditions of Chinese and Western art through modern media, including photography. An overview of how the art connects history with China's present-day landscape will be followed by the viewing of original albums/handscrolls.

See www.qiumai.net

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Closer to the date of the event, we will form a WeChat group to facilitate communication among attendees.

COVID: Attendance is limited to 50. If official COVID-related restrictions require the cancellation of the event, payments will be refunded.


  • Michael Cherney (Speaker)

    Michael Cherney



    Michael Cherney / Qiu Mai 秋麦is a Beijing-based American artist who has lived and worked in China for 30 years. Uniquely among Western artists he works entirely and convincingly in the Chinese milieu . Photographer, calligrapher, and book artist, Cherney fuses together the great sophistication and subtleties of China’s most scholarly and esoteric traditions with Western sensibilities and modern techniques. His were the first ever photographic works to enter the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Department of Asian Art . His art is less provocative than it is intellectually engaging, meditative, and often simply beautiful. It is the cutting-edge demonstration of artistic globalization: if Asian artists can so readily “come West,” then what is to prevent large numbers of future Western artists from “going Asian”? Or, like Qiu Mai/Michael Cherney, going both ways at once, both American and Chinese, modern and traditional.
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BB Art Cafe & Gallery

The New Mall, M01-02
(at Xidan Cultural Square)
No. 180 Xidan North Street
Xicheng district, Beijing


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