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WHAT: "What's on her mind", an RASBJ talk and dinner featuring media figure Hung Huang who will discuss what's trending in society and on social media in an era of pandemic and polarization (in-person)

WHEN: Aug. 10, 2022 Wednesday. Doors open at 7:00 PM Beijing Time. The talk will be from 7:30-8:15, followed by dinner from 8:15-9:45

WHERE: Susu Courtyard, Qianliang West Alley #10, Dongcheng District, Beijing tel: 8400 2699 苏苏,北京东城区钱粮西巷10号 NOTE: Beijing has a number of Susu's, so be sure to go to #10 Qianliang West Alley, 钱粮西巷 or" Qianliang Xixiang", a narrow alley off of Qianliang Hutong. If you're in a Didi, you can get out on Qianliang Hutong and walk a few minutes. Self-driving is not advised due to very limited parking.

MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT: After mingling over drinks, attendees will hear Hung Huang discuss current issues in an era of pandemic and polarization, in conversation with Melinda Liu. Known as "China's Oprah Winfrey", Huang speaks her mind about what's trending in society, from social media and TV screens to fashion and perceptions of the past. Publisher, author, actress, talk show host and Vassar graduate, Hung Huang spoke on "How American and Chinese values shaped the coronavirus response" in this May 2020 TED talk. And about celebrity and social responsibility here . Her RASBJ conversation, including audience Q&A, will be followed by a sit-down dinner by Susu Courtyard, reserved exclusively for RASBJ.

HOW MUCH: RMB 400 for members of RASBJ and of partner RAS branches. RMB 500 for non-members. Dinner by Susu includes a free-flow of wine, Susu x Slow draft beer, fresh sodas and soft drinks. Seating is limited, so please register by August 9. If you know someone who wishes to join RASBJ to attend this event, please ask them to become a member a week before the event by following instructions at https://app.glueup.cn/org/rasbeijing/memberships/

HOW TO REGISTER: Please click "Register" or "I Will Attend" by Aug. 9 and follow the instructions. After successful registration and payment, you'll receive a confirmation email; if you seem not to have received it, please check your spam folder. If the event is fully booked, you'll receive notification that you're on a waiting list.

COVID-19 PREVENTION: Attendees will be required to have a negative PCR test result within 48 hours prior to the event, a green health code, and a temperature check. Official COVID-related restrictions can change at short notice, possibly requiring cancellation or postponement. If this happens, you'll be notified and refunded in full. RASBJ is monitoring anti-pandemic restrictions carefully and will inform you as soon as possible of changes.

MENU: Susu's highly acclaimed Vietnamese cuisine is wonderfully varied; there should be something for everyone. When registering for the event, you'll be asked to select your choice of a meat, fish, or vegetarian menu to provide an idea of the proportion of each type of dish to prepare. If you have additional dietary requirements please email communications@rasbj.org in advance. Looking forward to seeing you!!

Starters 前菜:

Susu Shrimp Salad 苏苏鲜虾沙拉

Papaya Salad 木瓜沙拉 (V)

Shrimp & Pork Roll 经典猪肉虾仁春卷

Salmon Roll 三文鱼春卷

Vegetarian Fried Roll 经典炸素卷 (V)

Main Courses 主菜:

La Vong Fish 姜公吕望烤鱼

Shaking Beef 折腾牛肉

No. 10 Chicken Leg 十号香鸡

Good Neighbor's Peppery Pork 好邻居胡椒猪肉

Crispy Tofu Salad 米线豆腐 (V)

Susu Tendrils 清蘸佛手瓜苗 (V)

Crunchy Golden Fried Rice 锅巴金子炒饭 (V)

Dessert 甜品:

Fresh Passionfruit w/ Coconut Pudding 小玲珑:百香果配以椰青果冻

Wines 葡萄酒

White 白葡萄酒 Warwick "The First Lady" Chardonnay (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Red 红葡萄酒 Casablanca Cefiro Cabernet Sauvignon (Maipo Valley, Chile)

Beer 啤酒: Susu x Slow draft beer 摩滴啤

And Vietnamese Fresh Lemon Soda 越南鲜柠檬苏打水, Passionfruit Cumquat Soda 百香果小金桔苏打水, Coke 可乐, Diet Coke 健怡可乐, Sprite 雪碧, Tonic 汤力水, Soda Water 苏打水, Ginger Ale 干姜水


  • Hung Huang (Speaker)

    Hung Huang


    Hung Huang is a media personality, author, television host, actress, and publisher of fashion magazine iLook. CNN described her as "China's answer to Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour".

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  • Melinda Liu (Moderator)

    Melinda Liu


    Melinda Liu is a U.S. foreign correspondent in Beijing and co-director of the documentary film “Doolittle Raiders: A China Story”

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Susu Vietnam Cuisine, Qianliang West Alley 苏苏 (钱粮胡同店)

Susu Courtyard 苏苏 (钱粮胡同店) 北京市东城区钱粮西巷10号
Qianliang West Alley #10
Dongcheng district
tel: 84002699


If you have any questions please contact RASBJ Communications

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