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WHAT: RASBJ online talk by Dr. Jianjun Mei: "Emperor Qinshihuang's bronze birds: evidence of connections with distant cultures?"

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022, 7:00-8:00 PM Beijing Standard time


Some treasures found in the mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor (259-210 BC) at Xi'an-- the terracotta warriors, the elaborate horse chariots -- are familiar icons by now. But not so the exquisite bronze waterbirds that also accompanied the Emperor in the afterlife, but were excavated much more recently. Some attributes of these bronze artifacts moreover seem to evoke faraway cultures -- what are the possible links?

Forty-six bronze waterbirds -- twenty ducks, twenty swans and six cranes -- were excavated from a sacrificial pit in the Emperor's mausoleum in 2001-2003. Scientific examination of these birds has revealed some intriguing technical evidence suggesting possible cultural influences from the West.

Dr Jianjun Mei will introduce these waterbirds in the context of the other items in the mausoleum, relate them to other Chinese bronzes, and explore their place in cultural connections between China and distant cultures in the West during the late first millennium BCE.

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  • Jianjun Mei (Speaker)

    Jianjun Mei


    Professor Jianjun Mei is Director of Research at the MacDonald Institute of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, Director of Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, and fellow of Churchill College. He is also a visiting professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and corresponding fellow of the German Institute of Archaeology. His publications include Copper and Bronze Metallurgy in Late Prehistoric Xinjiang: Its Cultural Context and Relationship with Neighbouring Regions (monography), Metallurgy and Civilization: Eurasia and Beyond (edited book), and 120 articles published in both Chinese and English.

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  • Matthew Hu (Moderator)

    Matthew Hu



    Matthew Hu was born and raised in Beijing. He is the founder of The Courtyard Institute, and he has a keen interest in the history and mystery of China. Previously he worked as Managing Director of Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP), China Representative of The Prince’s Charities Foundation (China) and was deeply involved with the Shijia Hutong Museum in Beijing.

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