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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that RASBJ will hold its Annual General Meeting ("AGM") on Wednesday, 30 March 2022, at 7:00-7.30 PM ONLINE (adjourned from the Conrad Hotel, Mar. 19 ) to report on the year 2021, introduce plans for 2022 and elect Council officers, including new candidates. RASBJ sincerely invites all members to attend this AGM and we set forth below the issues related to Agenda and Proxy:

The Agenda of AGM is as follows:

  1. Opening remarks on 2021 by the President;
  2. Report on the RASBJ business operation status of 2021 by the President;
  3. Report on the RASBJ balance sheet and statement of receipts and expenditures to December 31st of 2021 and forecast on the budgeted income and expenditure for the 2022 by the Treasurer;
  4. Report on Membership by Membership Secretary
  5. Report on Events by Events Secretary
  6. Election of Officers, including new candidates who will give self-introduction -- also see statements by candidates as Speakers below
  7. Appointment of Auditors

The process of Proxy is as follows:

a. RASBJ members unable to attend in person are asked to appoint a proxy to attend the meeting and vote on their behalf, to ensure a quorum. A proxy may be any other RASBJ member who will attend the AGM in person; or by default the RASBJ President.

b. To appoint a Proxy, please copy the text below, and paste it into a new email; type the name of your proxy; type your name; email the completed form to: communications@rasbj.org: with subject RASBJ AGM PROXY not less than 48 hours before the AGM (based on the date and time of receipt of your email).

c. IMPORTANT NOTE: Proxies already sent for the adjourned AGM (Saturday, 19 March ) are still valid and will be recorded and used for voting in the AGM on Wednesday 30 March.

______RASBJ AGM 2022-FORM OF PROXY______

I (your name) …………. being a member of Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing ("RASBJ") HEREBY APPOINT RASBJ member ____________________to be my proxy to vote for me at the Annual General Meeting ("AGM") of RASBJ members to be held on Wednesday March 30, 2022 and at any adjournment thereof. Unless I name another RASBJ member attending the AGM, the President of RASBJ will be my proxy by default.

I instruct my proxy to vote at the AGM as he/she considers fit

Signed (type your name): _____________

Email to: communications@rasbj.org

______RASBJ AGM 2022-FORM OF PROXY______

HOW TO JOIN THE AGM: Please click "Register" or "I Will Attend" and follow the instructions. After successful registration you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting. If you seem not to have received it, please check your spam folder.


  • Margherita Belgiojoso (Candidate for Council)

    Margherita Belgiojoso

    Candidate for Council


    Born in Italy (Milan) in 1978, I studied Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and then took a Master in Political Economy of Transition at the London School of Economics. I lived in Russia (Moscow) for ten years where I worked as a freelance journalist writing mainly on cultural and social topics. I am not working as a reporter in China since I am on a diplomatic visa. I am working instead on a book that brings together architecture, the USA and URSS.

    In 2017 I published a book which is a history of Russia from the XIX to the end of the XX century told through the lives of sixteen Russian women, each woman reflecting a different page of Russian history and culture.

    I am happy to help organizing activities, holding contacts with organizing parties, taking care of the logistics, holding lunches/dinners with people we need to talk to etc. Since I am in the diplomatic circle of Beijing I can help linking with Embassies, Cultural Institutes, International Schools or other international cultural institutions.

    As diplomats, we should stay in Beijing for 4 years, therefore until about June 2024. I am married and we have two kids, a boy and a girl, 4 and 7 years old, going to the Italian kindergarten and to the French school.

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  • Doug Hughes (Candidate for Council)

    Doug Hughes

    Candidate for Council

    A freshman seminar on the colonial history of Hong Kong offered by Professor John Carroll sparked an interest in 1999 that has dictated much of what’ve I’ve done for the subsequent 22 years, as you will see below. I took several Chinese history and language courses in college followed by stints in Beijing as both a language student and as an English Teacher in the early to mid-2000s. Through a career in international education, and specifically Mandarin Chinese language programs, I returned to China in 2011, which has afforded me the opportunity to pursue my interest in various areas of Chinese society and history over the last decade.

    In my current role, I spend most of my time facilitating sessions to help students connect to various facets of China. For RASBJ, I would happily contribute to barnstorming sessions as well as support the planning and execution of any talks on the organization’s calendar. I’m also happy to lend a hand in whatever administration work the organization requires.

    Regarding how long I plan to remain in China, the most accurate answer is that it will be work-dependent. Offering as realistic an estimate as possible, I will likely be in China for at least 1-3 more years. That could be longer, though unlikely shorter, depending on where my career pursuits take me next.

    Summary of Experience

    The College of William and Mary, 2003 graduation
    Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a minor in Mandarin Chinese
    Beijing Normal University Chinese language program - June to December 2002

    Sep 2004 to Feb 2006 - English teacher, Beijing and Langfang, Hebei Province

    2006 to 2010: Air France staff in Dulles, Virginia

    2010-2011: American Councils for International Education, Washington DC
    Program Officer for China, Critical Language Scholarship
    Volunteer, National Asian Art Museum (formerly the Freer and Sackler Galleries)

    2011 – 2015: American Councils for International Education, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
    Internship Coordinator, Chinese Language Flagship Program (Nanjing Flagship Center)

    2015 – Present: Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University, Beijing
    2015-2018: Supervisor, Academic Affairs
    2018-Present: Director, College Events Programming

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