About Us

RASBJ/ 北京煌雅文化, based in Beijing, China offers in-person talks, online discussions, expert-led tours, and other activities exploring Chinese and Asian culture, history, society, literature, art, architecture, environment, cultural heritage preservation, science and technology. Our events highlight Chinese and international scholars, authors, artists, journalists and other experts who specialize in the peoples of China and Asia and their interactions with the rest of the world -- past, present, and future.

RASBJ is known for its high-quality, curated talks and events, many featuring prominent international authors and Sinologists. RASBJ aims to be a bridge between cultures. Our events cater to the intellectually curious, and more than 115 have been recorded since February 2020, comprising a video archive accessible to RASBJ members on demand.

To see activities currently open for registration, click the title in the "Latest News" column. And hold the dates for these events further ahead:

Jun 11: A Talk, Tour, and Tea at the Song Qingling Residence with Historian Jeremiah Jenne (morning)

Jun 28: "Assignment China", a Zoom talk by Mike Chinoy (evening)

Sep 24: Birding with Terry Townshend